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Vitamin D Deficiency During Winters Can Affect Your Bone Health: Expert Suggests Ways to Boost the Sunshine Vitamin Intake When the Temperatures Drop

Vitamin D deficiency during winters can affect your bone health. (Photo Credit: Pixabay) Winters is one of the really loved season and rightly so. It brings in so many beautiful memories from childhood, fun things to do, warm food and beverages, so many things to cherish! However, one of the few things about winters that… Read More »

Why a Vitamin D Test Is More Important Than a Mammogram

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S., and with it comes the annual clarion call of pink-ribboned1 breast cancer awareness campaigns.2 National Mammography Day3 falls on the third Friday of October, which this year is the 19th. Chances are, you’ve been barraged with reminders that mammograms save lives. Unfortunately, little effort is… Read More »