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Inside City Winery’s crushing relocation: ‘It’s unfortunate, but it’s life’

David Lecomte is the only professional winemaker currently crushing grapes commercially in Manhattan. And this summer was a particularly moving experience for the 47-year-old Frenchman. That’s because his place of business, City Winery on Varick Street in lower Manhattan, had to move across town to a site on a pier overlooking the Hudson River. And… Read More »

Different Takes: Voters Will Remember Biden’s Unfortunate Flip-Flop On Abortion; There’s No Such Place Anymore As Being In the Middle Of The Road On Abortion

Editorial writers weigh in on abortion issues. The Wall Street Journal: Biden Flips Over Abortion Funding Joe Biden’s best claim to the Democratic presidential nomination is that he’s a moderate liberal who can pull centrist votes from Donald Trump. That reputation is vanishing by the week as he throws old positions over the side to… Read More »