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Did Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why really increase suicide rates?

The Netflix show deals with the suicide of a young womanNetflix By Chelsea Whyte In the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, 17-year-old Hannah kills herself in a scene that shows her suicide. Following the show’s release, researchers raised concerns about the possibility that it could lead to suicide contagion, in which explicit depictions of self-harm… Read More »

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11 Reasons Behind Your Ankle Pain (and When to Take It Seriously)

Conditions Ankle pain can be hard to pin down—from fracture to sprain to strain to arthritis, here’s how to tell what’s hobbling you. Ankle pain happens to the best of us pook_jun/Shutterstock Whether you’re participating in a sport or just going about your every day, more likely than not, you’ll be saddled with ankle pain.… Read More »

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