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MedPAC wants to redesign MA quality bonus program

Dive Brief: The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission wants to give the Medicare Advantage quality bonus program a facelift. In its April 4 meeting, MedPAC analysts proposed the new MA value incentive program, or MA-VIP, to address key deficits in the current rewards model and move it toward budget neutrality. A MedPAC analysis found the MA… Read More »

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10 critical facts about the TPE program

In addition to ensuring that data programs and documentation programs are performing optimally, Hayes Management suggests the following steps to anticipate what TPE requests might look like this year: * Implement an aggressive pre-emptive auditing program to investigate and address possible risk areas. * Review what CMS requested in 2018 in other audits and assess… Read More »

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Resistance Training Program Improves Health In Older People

According to a study, the health of over 65 year old individuals is improved with a resistance training program, and the benefits can be achieved with as little as one resistance training session a week. The health benefits include improvements in mental well-being, muscle strength and blood values.[1] Individuals who almost had high cholesterol, high… Read More »

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