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Dementia: New WHO prevention guidelines evaluate 12 risk factors

Millions of people around the world have a form of dementia, but scientists are still unsure exactly what causes this condition. Nevertheless, newly published prevention guidelines from the World Health Organization evaluate 12 risk factors and offer advice on how to tackle them. This week, the WHO have released a new set of guidelines on… Read More »

Sore throat: Allergy or cold? Plus treatment and prevention – Medical News Today

Pain, irritation, scratchiness, and swelling are common symptoms of a sore throat. Allergies, common colds, the flu, and other respiratory infections can all cause a sore throat. Knowing what has caused a sore throat allows a person to treat it more effectively. Sore throats due to allergies, colds, and the flu generally respond well to… Read More »

Prevention of Blindness Week 2019: All You Should Know About This Govt of India Initiative From April 1-7

Prevention of Blindness Week 2019 (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Could you imagine a life without vision? Just for a moment shut your eyes, all that you will be able to see is a dark black colour. Unfortunately, there are people on this planet who can’t see their loved ones and the beautiful surroundings near them. As per… Read More »