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Physician pay up 20% since 2015 but gender gap widens

Dive Brief: Physician wages have increased 20% since 2015 and 4% in the past year, according to a new report from Medscape. In 2019, the average physician salary was $ 313,000, with primary care doctors earning about $ 104,000 less than specialists. The survey of nearly 20,000 doctors across 30 specialties also found that the… Read More »

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“P” stands for physician

Medical practice in England in the 1500s was poorly regulated, and there was no way to distinguish between various medical practitioners. A small group of distinguished physicians petitioned King Henry VIII to form a College to grant licenses to those qualified to practice medicine and to penalize charlatans. King Henry VIII thus granted a royal… Read More »

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This physician chose not to do a triathlon. Here’s why.

I posted on social media that in 2019, I would compete in Ironman. I wanted to hold myself accountable and was announcing “I could do this.” My primary reason, so I thought, was that “I wanted to grow mentally and physically.” Since then, I have been training six hours per week on top of my… Read More »

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