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Why drinking enough water is important and how to drink more

If you read a lot of health articles online, you have no doubt come across a health tip telling you to drink more water to improve your health. Maybe you are even sick and tired of reading this everywhere? But there is a good reason why everyone is telling you to drink more water. If… Read More »

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Fat is more than calorie storage

A group of researchers based at the Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School just published a paper in the journal Nature Metabolism that tells us something new and amazing, as well as confirms something we all know already. They studied a protein that is secreted by mouse and human fat cells in response to… Read More »

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More Severe Flu Strain Starts to Spread Widely

In terms of the severity of the season, Brammer said that no flu season is mild. The severity of the season is simply a comparison between seasons. “There are no good flu seasons,” she said. The death toll of flu among adults — many of them the frail elderly — is high. So far this… Read More »

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