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Take a lot of sick days? Who you know and where you live might be partly to blame

New research led by Lijun Song, associate professor of sociology at Vanderbilt University, and graduate student Phillip Pettis suggests that knowing people in high and diverse positions may be good or bad for your health. The culprit? Economic inequality. Song studies the relationship between a person’s health and the socioeconomic status of their social contacts… Read More »

Gambling Addiction Might be Subtly Encouraged by Casino Lights and Sounds: Study

In casinos, blinking lights and exciting jingles may encourage risky decision-making and promote an addiction towards that behavior, finds a new study. The results of this study are published in the JNeurosci: The Journal of Neuroscience. The findings suggest that sensory features in casinos may directly influence a player’s decisions and encourage riskier choices–raising new… Read More »