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Canada Dry will still tell Canadians it is ‘Made from Real Ginger’ — just not Americans

Canada Dry Ginger Ale will continue to be marketed in Canada as “Made from Real Ginger” even though the soft drink’s producer has agreed to remove this controversial claim from American packaging in order to settle a series of U.S. class action lawsuits over false advertising. The company is evaluating the Canadian packaging, but it… Read More »

Chris Evans Just Realized the Movie Kevin Watches in Home Alone Isn't Real

The gangster movie Macaulay Culkin watches in Home Alone isn’t real, ya filthy animals. That fact came as a revelation to many on the internet on Christmas after Seth Rogen tweeted about Angels With Filthy Souls, the black-and-white movie within the classic holiday flick. “My entire childhood, I thought the old timey movie that Kevin… Read More »

Nicole Kidman Prepared for Her Ass-Kicking Aquaman Fight Scene in Just 30 Minutes

You may not know Jon Valera, but you’ve almost certainly watched a Jon Valera fight. The stunt coordinator and his company 87Eleven Action Design have choreographed fight scenes for Deadpool, John Wick, Atomic Blonde, and the freshly released and delightfully ridiculous Aquaman. The latter posed its own set of new challenges for the seasoned stuntman:… Read More »