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Portion control is just another diet that won’t work for most – Quartz

Most diets fall into one of two categories—they either claim to unlock a previously misunderstood secret of nutrition science that will lead to effortless weight loss (see: Keto, Atkins); or they promise an innovative way to change your thinking around food that will lead to effortless weight loss (see: Noom, intermittent fasting). The reality is… Read More »

Dr. Pimple Popper Just Shared a Blackhead Extraction With a Ton of ‘Backstory’

Pixelchrome IncGetty Images If blackheads are what fans want, then clearly, it’s blackheads they’ll get. In a new Instagram video posted on Tuesday afternoon, dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, MD—aka, Dr. Pimple Popper—posted yet another blackhead extraction video. “Nothing like some #blackheads with some patient backstory,” Dr. Lee wrote in the caption. That’s putting it mildly.… Read More »

Welp, Pink Just Called an Instagram Troll a “F*cko” in a Truly Savage Clapback

Pink clapped back at an Instagram troll who came for a family photo of her kids and husband. The star fully went in, calling the commenter a “f*cko,” which….okay! Pro tip to everyone on Instagram who follows Pink: do not come for her in the comments, because she will! clap! back! Which brings us to… Read More »