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Infrared Imaging Diagnoses Rheumatoid Arthritis

July 11th, 2019 Medgadget Editors Medicine Diagnosing rheumatoid (RA) arthritis often involves subjective assessment of patient hands, X-rays, blood tests, and ultrasound imaging. Researchers at Birmingham University in the UK have now developed a system that they hope will offer a more objective way of diagnosing RA. Their system uses infrared spectroscopy and 3D imaging… Read More »

Blockchain-based app store connects AI developers, providers and imaging centers

Medical Diagnostic Web has entered the fast-growing AI app store world, as it introduces an new marketplace on its medical imaging blockchain platform. Radiologists will have access to a range of specific AI algorithms that can augment their practices – and will be able to try before they buy, ensuring that they can find the… Read More »