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Study confirms low fat diets benefit women’s health – Medical News Today

New research spanning over almost 2 decades finds that a low fat diet benefits women’s health. A low fat diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables benefits women’s health in the long run, according to new research. Older studies in rats and mice have found that rodents on a high fat diet develop more… Read More »

Medical News Today: Night owls’ health may benefit from ‘simple’ routine adjustments

People who go to bed late and wake up late can often experience health problems because their body clock does not align with the regular rhythms of modern society. However, a new study suggests that a few easy routine adjustments could go a long way for night owls. A few easy adjustments could help night… Read More »

How Can Melatonin Supplements Benefit You?

Sleeping is an essential human function, and at the heart of it is your circadian rhythm, also known as your body clock. It’s a natural, biological timer that helps your body recognize sleepiness and wakefulness over a period of 24 hours. By sticking to a regular bedtime schedule, such as sleeping and waking up at… Read More »