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Man, 36, has his bowel removed after chronic constipation

Man, 36, develops swollen ‘megacolon’ after rare growths spread across his tongue and insides leaving him constipated for THREE MONTHS Unnamed man suffers from rare disorder multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B Causes tumour-like growths in the gut lining that alter bowel movements Disorder does not respond well to treatment, doctors forced to remove bowel   By Alexandra… Read More »

Got a nasty hangover after a night out in town? Here’s how to fix it – Hindustan Times

From ‘how do I stop my head from spinning?’ to ‘will food worsen the nausea?’, we answer all your questions. So, you took the party-till-you-drop mantra too seriously last night, huh? And now you have a throbbing headache and nauseating feeling that’s getting the better of you? Well, no need to regret the New Year’s… Read More »

Woman suffered eye injury after being mistakenly prescribed erectile dysfunction cream

Woman suffers chemical burns after being mistakenly prescribed ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION cream called Vitaros instead of dry eye lubricant Vita-POS The patient in Glasgow rubbed the ointment into her eye and it swelled up As well as inflammation the wrongly-prescribed cream triggered an infection Experts say doctors and pharmacists need to be more careful when prescribing… Read More »