‘I Love My Dog’ T-shirt Design Ends up Looking Like a Penis Picture, Internet Left in Splits (View Pic)

By | April 20, 2019
'I Love My Dog' T-shirt Design Ends up Looking Like a Penis Picture, Internet Left in Splits (View Pic)

Dog design on t-shirt looks like a penis (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Dog lovers love proclaiming their love for dogs, even when nobody’s asking. So flaunting the love for their dogs on their t-shirts isn’t too new. There are many retailers catering to the need of these dog and cat lovers, but what if the design on the t-shirt is far from being a dog? The ‘I Love My Dog’ Facebook page announced their new collection on social media and it left users laughing. One of the t-shirt designs which is supposed to look like patting a dog has the dog sketch looking more like a big penis! The dog on this design resembles less of a canine but more of male genital and a hand over it. Internet users who noticed the resemblance could not help laughing at it. ASOS Sells ‘Bubble Wrap’ Dress for £68; Get Trolled by Social Media Users (View Pics).

The dog-loving community on social media unveiled some new design prints which they are selling on the Family Store. But looks like their designer’s imagination went a bit too wild! The dog in the design looks like a huge penis with a hand about to pat it. Needless to say, the humour was spreading on social media with users leaving funny comments on the picture of this particular shirt.

Watch Picture of Tshirt With Dog Design Which Looks Like a Penis:

This particular picture has obviously got more reactions than the others on display. People left some really funny comments. One of the users wrote, “Is that a cocker spaniel?” While another one said, “This shirt says ‘hi, I’m into modern art and hand stuff’ not dog love.” Donkeys Wearing Fashionable Pants Are a New Trend? Watch Pics!

Check Comments on This Tshirt Design:

Comments on dog tshirt design (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Others mentioned that the company’s designers have pulled up a prank on them by making this design. Many others could relate that the design looked like a dog later, but a penis at first. Did you see the dog first? Well, not sure how many people would actually want to own this design after all.

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